Human derived mixed cytokines

Why human derived?

Brooklyn has developed a powerful method to create complex cytokine mixtures derived from a human source.

Cytokines are powerful immune factors that play an essential role in T cell signaling, activation, proliferation, and tumor-fighting responses. We know cytokines may induce beneficial reactions in cancer patients. To date, available cytokine therapies have been recombinant and have historically employed high doses. These therapies are often associated with increased toxicity and off-target immune-related adverse effects. Unlike recombinant or engineered cytokine drug candidates, Brooklyn’s mixed cytokine product derives from human blood cells, so the cytokines have a natural conformation. This natural conformation leads to greater functionality and permits activity with lower dosing.

Why a mixture of cytokines?

Early immunotherapeutic approaches to treat cancer tended to oversimplify the immune system. As a result, researchers often based these approaches on the hope that a single target or receptor might restore cellular immune responses.

Today, we know that the immune system is a highly complex interaction of cells, including cells that interact to create an immunization, with antigen-presenting cells called dendritic cells (DCs) and different types of T cells required for an anticancer immune response. We now know that defects or deficits in these cells exist in cancer and must be reversed to generate effective cellular immune responses. In addition, we must overcome tumor-induced immune suppression through multiple mechanisms. An effective immune response involves signaling, activating, and increasing the proper immune cells to act against cancer. Next-generation active immunotherapies must also effectively counteract the specific mechanisms of tumor-induced immune suppression. For these reasons, multiple cytokines working together may prove beneficial in reversing the many immune deficits in cancer patients.

Recap of Potential Benefits of a human derived mixed cytokine product:

Natural conformation leading to greater functionality permits activity with lower dosing. Intuitively lower off-target effects would follow.

Multiple active cytokines lead to immune activation of multiple facets of immune system potentially engendering a broader, more effective response.